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Jivan's Massage

Business Industry: Health and Wellness

Jivans Massage is a professional and serene massage studio situated in the heart of Rotterdam City where people love to unwind and relax on their holidays to enjoy a healthy and relieving massage therapy. 

Our client, Mr. Rajiv (alias Jivan) was looking to re-design his existing brand identity into a modern and clean logo thereby giving a fresh outlook to his business.

Responsive Website Design for Jivan's Massage Center

Our Goal

To create a memorable impression on their client's mind while distinguishing Jivan's Massage as one of the reliable and affordable health and wellness center in Rotterdam City.

Our Solution

Logo Re-design & Makeover

We started working on their existing logo and made necessary small shifts to what’s already there by updating colors, fonts and simplifying the entire look and feel. We were after a refreshed look to help the business connect with a new audience and still maintain their customer base.

Color Palette & Mood Board

Finalized a range of colors that can be used on logos, branding materials, a device screen or other interface,and in videos. The finalized color palette reveals a lot about our client's brand, its values, its offerings, its uniqueness etc. We then moved on to create a mood board that defines a brand and its communication. We further took this mood board as a guide in developing website and other brand visual graphics.

Typography Fonts

We decided to select the right type of fonts to connect with emotions of their consumers and website users. Our chosen typography invokes a feeling, creates a positive atmosphere and makes the brand memorable. Font styles to improve brand's communication through logos, ad copies, magazine headlines, and course books, etc.

Brand Stationary

We kept the branding simple enough not to deviate from the functional value of the stationary. At the same time we wanted to mirror what people see on other platforms or ads, such as in flyers, newspapers and billboards. Our goal was to make the brand look consistent and effective across all offline platforms since print stationary are mostly used offline in real world

Print Marketing Graphics

We designed marketing graphics to communicate and promote our client's products and services in a visually attractive and appealing manner. All the materials designed followed the guidelines of company's visual identity. It involved business cards, flyers, posers, gift cards, print ads, certificates, etc.

Social Media Graphics

We created attractive visuals to grab people’s attention on all social media platforms. Professional cover images, banner images and profile images were finalized to maintain brand consistency across all social channels. Social graphics were designed in order to achieve brand's marketing goals.

UI/UX Design

We designed a professional and intuitive UI /UX interface which more people prefer to use and keep using it. Our goal here was to improve customer retention rate so that our client's brand can stay ahead of its competition. Better user experience leads to more visitors, more leads and more satisfied customers.

Responsive Webdesign

We created a responsive web design to optimise their user’s browsing experience by creating a flexible and responsive web page, optimized for the device their consumers are using. This delivers improved site experience skipping redirection with a unified design approach to create a consistent look and feel.


WordPress Web development

For website development we chose an open-source website creation platform that is written in PHP and uses a MySQL database. WordPress is probably the easiest and most powerful blogging and website content management system (or CMS) as of today. Our client need a site designed with usability and flexibility in mind and WordPress was the prefect solution for their requirements.


  • Brand received a fresh and clean re-vamped identity
  • It delivered a memorable experience to it's clients and gained improved trust
  • It conveyed a distinguished brand voice to differ from its local competition
  • More students showed interest and enrolled in his Massage Therapy courses
  • Business received more online website bookings through the WordPress site

Our Work (click to zoomin)

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