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IronCore Athletics

Business Industry: Fitness & Sports eCommerce

Iron Core Athletics is the manufacturer of premium exercise equipment like Fitness Sandbags, Exercise/Resistance Bands, Pull Up Bars, Pull Up Bands serving the Crossfit community.

Our client was looking for a website homepage makeover and wanted a clean and professional looking eCommerce homepage design.

IC - eCommerce store web design (UI/UX)

Ironcore athletics - eCommerce store web design (UI/UX)

Our Goal

To provide the best shopping UI and website user experience to site visitors all over globe. Site's UI, colors, fonts and typography must be modern, sleek and represent the brand as a whole.

Our Solution

Typography Fonts

We decided to select the right type of fonts to connect with emotions of their consumers and website users. Our chosen typography invokes a feeling, creates a positive atmosphere and makes the brand memorable. Font styles to improve brand's communication through logos, ad copies, magazine headlines, and course books, etc.

UI/UX Design

We designed a professional and intuitive UI /UX interface which more people prefer to use and keep using it. Our goal here was to improve customer retention rate so that our client's brand can stay ahead of its competition. Better user experience leads to more visitors, more leads and more satisfied customers.

Responsive Webdesign

We created a responsive web design to optimise their user’s browsing experience by creating a flexible and responsive web page, optimized for the device their consumers are using. This delivers improved site experience skipping redirection with a unified design approach to create a consistent look and feel.



  • Attractive UI to convey brand value and product offerings to their consumers 
  • Website typography and colors were chosen to attract fitness and sports enthusiasts 
  • eCommerce landing pages were designed improve product's popularity and sales
  • Best online shopping experience (UX) and easy to reach support pages

Our Work (click to zoomin)

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