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Logo & Branding

Reduced and refined, this is design at its most pure. The finest alcohol is untouched. The most refreshing water is always the most pristine. This is what your brand demands. 

This is what I offer. By eliminating the extraneous, let's condense a message down to its very core. It is this very simplicity that impacts an audience and resonates with their needs. I filter away all of the impurities, leaving only your message at its strongest and purest. Drop a quick message to find out more.


Always in pursuit of the best design, I am intrigued by shapes and forms. They pose questions I seek to answer. Drawn to the patterns and colors of the world around me, I find balance through the composition of these elements. This pursuit of harmony is ingrained in my very DNA. 


We seek to carry all logo and branding projects to innovative heights through clean and promising design. We stay on the vanguard of technology and art. This allows us to use our skills to help clients succeed in every endeavor. We stretch our abilities to the limit in searching for new horizons of design.

Client Testimonials

Kavya holds the rare combination of creativity, diligence and time management that is difficult to find in a creative / designer resource. Her ability to take feedback, perform revisions and produce high-quality outcomes makes her a delight to work with and the results speak for themselves. I have no hesitation in recommending Kavya and intend on continuing to work with Kavya for all my future design requirements.

Daniel Da Vinci

SAP Enterprise Architect
Tokyo, Japan

Kavya was hired for help in the creation with our brand identity. Her general character and attitude were excellent throughout the hire and team-working were first rate. Kavya showed personal integrity and excellent communication skills with minimal effort whilst working on our idea with basic input/aid. She was also able to provide more inputs and reviews which were invaluable. We will be working in the future for additional projects.

Ryan Hodson, Owner


San Jose, California

360° Brand Development

Let's conceptualize and craft a presence for your business that not only intrigues but also engages your core audience. Something that arouses their curiosity and compels them to want to know more.

Logo design or re-design

We create a unique and strong brandmark that differentiates your business from others. Our design served as the perfect visual brand mark for their company. For a fresh re-do we update colors, fonts and simplify the entire look to present day trends.

Brand theme and Color palatte

We establish a uniform brand theme to use on logos, stationary materials, print ads, websites and social media. Finalized theme and color palette will set the foundation of your brand's visual identity and its communication style. 

Font choice & Typography

Font choice is crucial while conveying written content of a company. We handpick right font styles to connect with your audience and customer emotions. Our chosen typography invokes a positive feeling and creates a strong brand memory.

Brand Stationary & Print Graphics

Our goal is to create overall look of the brand to be consistent and effective across all digital (website, apps, social media), conservative platforms (newspaper, print ads, etc.) and brand stationaries likes t-shirts, caps, etc.

Brand Style Guidelines

Optimize your brand and improve it's visual efficiency through consistent brand elements. A professional brand manual helps your company to maintain the visual image of the brand across various publishing mediums like websites, newspaper, social media, emails, etc. 

Branded social templates

Attract, engage and convert more fans and followers through attractive graphics. Improve your company's reputation on social platforms using fun, intriguing and smart social media posts, images, etc.

Custom Website Design

Take your business online with customized website solutions. Clean and minimal design focused towards conversion. Maintain a consistent visual identity overall with specially designed landing pages, lead pages, web pages, etc.

WordPress / Web Development

Give a reliable and trustworthy online presence to your business with the help of user friendly websites. Cleanly coded and fully customized to your needs, we develop excellent websites your audience will love returning to!

More feedback from our clients...

Really great to work with. Got it perfect right from the start. Extremely fast and very impressed with the quality. I have already hired her again.

Daron Sepko, Owner

Greater Los Angeles Area, US


I was very happy with the logo that Kavya designed for us. We had several communications which were all very clear. And the result exceeded our expectations. I would definitely recommend her.

Olivier Moens, CEO


Get In Touch

Drop a quick message to get in touch. Let's discuss work. 

About Us

KM Digital Creativz provides growth focused creative and digital solutions customized for each and every business. Serving clients worldwide since 2011 and worked with companies of various industry backgrounds to deliver a strong, modern and trustworthy digital presence. 

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