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Brand Stationary Portfolio | Companies with Blue Logos

A detailed look into our approach, work-process and results. 


Coast 2 Coast Trading LLC 

Business Industry: Retail Trading Family Business

Coast2coast trading LLC is a family owned trading company located in California doing wholesale business that was established to provide quality products to retailers and customers.

Our client, Ehab Mansour, was looking for a minimal and friendly logo that would go well with their family owned business values and can be read in both Arabic and English languages.

Coast2Coast Trading LLC - Two Sided Business Cards

Coast2Coast Trading LLC - Two Sided Business Cards

Our Goal

To create a unique and friendly brand identity and business card stationary to make a memorable impression upon their customers and establish a consistent brand image locally.

Our Solution

Logo Design

We created a design to give their business a unique mark that differentiates them from other businesses. Our design served as the perfect visual brand mark for their company.

Color Palette & Mood Board

Finalized a range of colors that can be used on logos, branding materials, a device screen or other interface,and in videos. The finalized color palette reveals a lot about our client's brand, its values, its offerings, its uniqueness etc. We then moved on to create a mood board that defines a brand and its communication. We further took this mood board as a guide in developing website and other brand visual graphics.

Typography Fonts

We decided to select the right type of fonts to connect with emotions of their consumers and website users. Our chosen typography invokes a feeling, creates a positive atmosphere and makes the brand memorable. Font styles to improve brand's communication through logos, ad copies, magazine headlines, and course books, etc.

Brand Stationary

We kept the branding simple enough not to deviate from the functional value of the stationary. At the same time we wanted to mirror what people see on other platforms or ads, such as in flyers, newspapers and billboards. Our goal was to make the brand look consistent and effective across all offline platforms since print stationary are mostly used offline in real world


  • Business received a unique combination logo with industry specific companies with blue logos design
  • Two sided business cards with Arabic and English on either sides expanded their customer base 
  • Sustained trust among their long-term customers and attracted new business vendors
  • Uniform identity transformed the family-run business into a memorable brand of blue logo with names

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