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Style Guide/ Brand Manual Portfolio

A detailed look into our approach, work-process and results. 


Below are a collection of style guide, brand manuals and e-manuals designed for our clients.

FitJapan - Brand Manual Design

FitJapan - Brand Manual Design

Our Work (click to zoomin)

Brand style guide or manual

Our Goal

To create a graphic manual defining the usage guidelines of logo, colors, fonts, imagery etc, related to a brand to help easy application of branding graphics and visuals in real-world scenarios like billboards, signboards, advertisements, etc.


  • Brand feels safe and professional with a set of guidelines governing their usage
  • Comes handy while working with various professionals on multiple platforms
  • Creates a boundary around the brand to prevent misrepresentations of its identity
  • Gives a "completed form" to brands with all its basic and advanced rules set in place 

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