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4 Awesome Facts You Didn’t Know About Rhode Island

Rhode Island is a state full of rich history, interesting people, and wonderful places to visit. As many of you probably know, Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States but this doesn’t mean it’s not full of interesting things! Despite being the smallest state by area, it is actually the second-most densely populated area in the whole country. This, along with the rich coastal history of the area, has led to many wonderful events and places forming over the years. Here are 4 of our favorite facts about Rhode Island.

1. Big Businesses Are Based There

Despite its small size, Rhode Island is headquarters to many of the country’s biggest businesses, most notably CVS Pharmacy, which has its HQ in Woonsocket, RI. CVS has over 300,000 employees across the country, showing that a Rhode Island LLC can become a major player in the United States. Other large companies based in Rhode Island include Textron, Nortek, and United National Foods. Clearly, Rhode Island is a great place for business.

2. It Was The Last Colony To Become A State

If you didn’t already know, for a long time the USA was divided up into 13 colonies, known as the British or American colonies. Rhode Island Colony was formed by Roger Williams in 1636 after he had been banished from the nearby colony of Massachusetts for holding different political beliefs. So, it was one of the first colonies formed but remained one for far longer than many of the others. The colony finally ratified the constitution and became a US state in May 1790, being the very last colony to do so.

3. First Ever Circus

We all know that the circus has been a big part of cultural history. But, did you know that the first-ever circus performed on US soil was Christopher H. Gardner’s performance of equestrian acts which took place in 1774 in Newport, Rhode Island? Neither did we! Long before the days of cinema or social media, the circus was performed in Newport, and never returned to the United States until long after the revolution.

A Rhode Island LLC

4. Oldest Tavern In America

Staying in Newport, RI, you will find the oldest tavern in America. The White Horse Tavern has been in operation since the year 1673. It is now a much-beloved landmark of Rhode Island and many people make the pilgrimage each year to have a drink or bite to eat there. It is still operational as a restaurant today serving classic European cuisine and seafood. For a bonus fact – it is also recognized as the 10th oldest tavern in the entire world! Certainly worth visiting it if you are ever in Rhode Island to soak up some history and enjoy some lovely food.

There is so much to learn about and see in Rhode Island, with hundreds of years of history to enjoy. These four facts barely scratch the surface on how great the State really is. Though it may be small, it is certainly full of great places to visit, plenty of career opportunities, and an interesting tapestry of history.